The most important person (besides the groom of course!!) is…the videographer!


Our client Mary Lou dropped by the office a few days ago. Here’s her advice …. “Our wedding day was the absolute perfect day…but, unfortunately, I did not get it captured on video! I spent so much time poring over other details such as the invitations (that people threw away!), the flowers (which died within days!), the cake (that got quickly eaten!), and cut from the budget the videographer which would have let us relive our day for years to come! Our pictures are wonderful, but they are not the same! The pictures didn’t capture the homily, the best man & maid of honor’s toasts, or my dad’s “surprise” dance!! If I could do it again, I would definitely prioritize the videographer. In my opinion, it’s the most important person (besides the groom of course!!)”