Can I sit in while you’re editing or transferring my project?
Of course!  There’s no charge just to sit and watch.  Just make an appointment so we can make you comfy cozy.  If you’d like a lesson while we work on your project or if you’d tell us what you’d like to see as we’re editing, charges start at $90 per hour.  Just give us some details and we’ll work with you.

What kind of dog is Riley?
It depends on which expert you consult.  Riley’s a rescue from the Augusta County SPCA just outside Staunton.  The kind folks at the shelter believe she’s a Miniature Pincher – Beagle mix.  My friends at Dog Watch lean towards a Dachshund – Beagle mix.  We agree!  She’s definitely a mix and a sweet pea.  You’ll see when you drop by for a visit.

Can you produce, concept to deliverable, my creative project?
Absolutely!  Call us!  We’re excited.  Let’s chat.

Can I rent a projector to watch my home movies at home?
Sorry, but no.  These machines can be 50 or 60 years old and are delicate, hard to fix, and not easy to find.  We’re happy to set you up in your own private viewing room here at our office.

I haven’t viewed my home movies in years. Can I watch them at Memoires?
You betcha!  Again, just let us know when you’d like to pop by and we’ll get you all set up.  In exchange, we’re hoping you’ll let us transfer those movies to disc for prosperity.

What’s the life expectancy of a disc?
We use only the best! CD-R and DVD-R discs­­­­ can sit on the self in your climate controlled living room for between 100 to 200 years.  By then we’ll all be part of history.

What’s the typical turnaround time for transfers?
The best answer is … it depends.  Give us a call and tell us whatcha got in numbers, feet or time and we’ll give you our best guesstimate.  Analog formats are transfered is real time.  So, if you have 10 hours of film, it will take 10 hours of hard processing time, we work an eight hour day, plus set up time, changing discs, you get the idea.  Turnaround time also depends on what other projects are in the house and if we’re working on location when you drop your project off.  So the best answer still is … it depends.  Give us a shout and we’ll let you know.  We’ll get it done as soon as possible.  The best thing?  You’re precious memories don’t leave the office.  We don’t farm your project off to someone out of town.  We take care of you personally.

What’s the difference between a CD and a DVD?
A lot.  A typical recordable CD can hold about 650-700 megabytes (MB), whereas a typical recordable DVD can hold over six times more than that at about 4.7 gigabytes (GB).  That’s why you’ll typically find the smaller audio files, i.e. your favorite album, on a CD and a full length feature film or several episodes of Downton Abbey on a DVD.

Will a DVD player play a Blu-Ray disc and vice versa?
The short answer is … you CAN play a DVD in a Blu-ray player but not visa versa.  Blu-ray discs cannot and will not play in a standard DVD player because the red laser used in DVD players is too large to read the tiny grooves in a Blu-ray disc.  All Blu-ray players will still play standard DVDs.  However, the DVD image displayed, while still decent, won’t have the high definition quality like a Blu-ray disc.

Where are you located?
Our address is 3966 Springfield Road, Glen Allen, VA. If you know Richmond, we’re just off Broad Street behind Costco. The storefront is on the furthest side of the complex from the Costco gas pumps and faces Broad Street. Our name is proudly inscribed on the door. Call if you can’t find us, we’ll flag you down or give you step-by-step instructions.