Personal Projects


  • Need a creative video interview for a prospective employer? Can’t afford Coppola? Call us!
  • Is Junior being scouted by a Big 10 team with a scholarship on the line?
  • Would you rather concentrate on your daughter’s valedictorian speech instead of struggling for a good shot from the bleachers?
  • Can’t get enough of your twinkle toes dancing across the stage?
  • Did you just find out that Julliard needs a video audition to complete the application?
  • Is the WHOLE family getting together for the first time in forever?

We’ll be there.  Professionally filming the action, finding the right angles, editing and duplicating your project is what we do.
No worries.  We’re the experts.  We’ll take care of you!

Call or email us today and let us know how we can help!

Live streaming, additional DVD or Blu-Ray copies and digital files are always available.