Wedding Films and Highlight Video

Motion + Sound = Emotion or Why should a bride pay for a wedding video? 

  1. Photography captures a moment in time.  But what about the voices, the music , and the emotion?  You’ll have a photo of you and your father.  Now you have the chance to see and hear him whisper just how proud he is.
  2. Your wedding day goes by so fast and you’ll be enraptured in the dream come true.  Believe it or not, you’ll miss some fabulous moments: the flower girls scattering rose petals, your mother beaming with pride as she’s seated or perhaps your grandparents dancing.  Don’t lose them, capture them.
  3. You’ll be surprised how many times you’ll watch your wedding.  Motion and sound create emotion.  You’ll watch it as soon as its ready, and I’ll bet more than once. Then on anniversaries, when family and friends come to visit, and later, your children will really get a kick of it.  Then, one day, the grandkids will too.  And, of course, you can post it on social media.
  4. Remember the scene.  What was the weather like that day?  What did the venue look like before the guests arrived?  Remember how you felt as your maid of honor hooked the final button on your gown, your perfect Jimmy Choo shoes that took you months to find, your wedding stationery and the language you slaved over and the carefully selected bridesmaids’ gifts?  Now they’re safe, preserved forever.
  5. Is there a family member or a close friend that can’t attend your wedding?  Maybe you have a brother that’s serving in the military overseas or a friend that’s unable to travel?  We can Live Stream your wedding day so they won’t miss a thing.  Live Streaming provides a professional, convenient, real-time feed so your loved one feels like they’re really there.
  6. Sad but True.  One day your grandparents will pass away.  Or perhaps another family member: a beloved aunt or sister.  Now you’ll be able to hear their laughter again or re-live the moment she spilled wine on the dog or gave you a farewell hug,
  7. If we haven’t convinced you, please listen to our client Mary Lou…. “Our wedding day was the absolute perfect day…but, unfortunately, I did not get it captured on video! I spent so much time poring over other details such as the invitations (that people threw away!), the flowers (which died within days!), the cake (that got quickly eaten!), and cut from the budget the videographer which would have let us relive our day for years to come! Our pictures are wonderful, but they are not the same! The pictures didn’t capture the homily, the best man & maid of honor’s toasts, or my dad’s “surprise” dance!! If I could do it again, I would definitely prioritize the videographer. In my opinion, it’s the most important person (besides the groom of course!!)”

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