Motion + Sound = Emotion

Welcome.  We’re so excited you found us!  On your wedding day, enjoy being the center of attention.  You’ll cherish the look on your groom’s face as you come down the aisle, the tear in your father’s eye as he passes your hand, and the crowd of smiles as you’re introduced as husband and wife.  You may have missed the flower girls scattering petals, your maid of honor’s wink at the best man, or your mother beaming with pride when you appeared in the doorway.  Don’t worry, we won’t!  We’ll capture the classic and unexpected moments of your wedding day for you to cherish and re-live in an emotionally powerful and engaging film.

Working with brides for over 20 years has its advantages.  The venues – churches, synagogues, clubs, hotels, historical places, parks etc – are familiar and getting the best shots are easy.  Most importantly, we’ll listen to you and respect your requests, share with you the things you never thought of and together we’ll capture your wedding day to celebrate, rejoice, and re-live anytime.  Using a cinematic approach, we’ll deliver an engaging film that captures all the passion and the surprises of your wedding day that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Ring us today 804.273.9044 or drop us an email.  You’re welcome to meet us at our office or we’ll come see you.

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